Types of Head

Pozi and Phillips Heads

The difference between Pozi and Phillips Heads is the shape of the crosshead screwdriver needed. A Pozi screw driver will undo a Phillips screw and vice versa but the fit is not perfect and can lead to the screw head being "wrecked".

The outward difference is that a Pozi screw head has 4 small lines bisecting the "cross".(see picture)

Hexagon Head Bolts and Set Screws

Socket Caps

Socket Button

Socket Button have a smaller top but still use an Allen Key (often just called button head).

Cup Square Carriage Bolts (bumper Bolt)

Dome Head with square under the head to locate and hold when tightening.

Pan Head Screws - Pozi/Phillips

Pan Head Screws - Slotted

Countersunk Screws - Pozi/Phillips

Countersunk screws - Slotted

Cheese Head - Slotted

Cheese heads are round, like a full cheese usually slotted.

Fillister Head - Slotted

A Fillister head is like a cheese head with a domed top - usually Slotted


#### Flanged have a small lip, like a built in washer, around the base of the head.