VW Kits


VW Aircooled Engine tinware screws - Stainless

This kit contains the correct slot cheese head machine screws to fit the tinware to a VW aircooled engine. The kit contains 25 screws and 25 washers, this is enough to replace the easily accessible screws when the engine is fitted. To replace all screws when the engine is out of the vehicle TWO kits are needed. (based on Sue's stock 1600 single port)  

VW T2 Bumper Fitting Kit - Stainless

This kit contains the mushroom headed bolts needed to fit the Bumpers to a VW T2 early bay and some VW T2 split screen. Please note these bolts are the large head, not the small head used on some vehicles.  

Beetle, T2 Bay T2 Split screen Door Bolts (Qty 4)


Beetle door hinge bolts, T2 Cab door hinge bolts.

A set of four bolts to fit the door hinges to the A posts. These kits contain four bolts.

To do both doors

Beetles need 3 kits.

T2s       need 2 kits