No Beard, No Glasses (and very much shorter)

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No Beard, No Glasses (and very much shorter).

Recently published. A book of nostalgia about living in the 1950s and early 1960s Britain.

I wrote this book as short stories for children, showing how life in the past was different, but at the same time recognisable to children in the 21st Century.

I found that the parents and grandparents of the children I was writing for enjoyed the stories as much, if not more, than the children, so I pushed it around for publishing. Now released I am offering it here for less than the price at Amazon or Tesco or ...

A quote from  a reader:-

Thanks to the magical autobiographical writing of Tim Kendall we can return to the happy playground of our youth and bathe in the warm glow of nostalgia. You will always want to go on turning the pages as your memories blend in with the amusing and sometimes heart- wrenching escapades of the author and his friends. Truly a book for anyone who wishes time could stand still.

Tony Evans


NOTE  The car in chapter 10 is a soft top Austin 7. That in Chapter 5 is a Lanchester 11 saloon.